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How to fix “The connection with update server has failed” Error while updating AVG?

The error message “The connection with update server has failed” in AVG shows that there was something wrong with the internet connection and the AVG server was not able to connect with your server or with the application. The error “update failed Avg” is displayed when this happens and users are not able to troubleshoot this issue. The message ‘The connection with update server has failed‘ arises when there is a problem with the internet connection or there has been an outage if the connection or your connection is not stable enough. Other reason can also be that the Update servers of the AVG have been blocked by the system or your internet connection is not active and it can also be possible that the internet settings are not appropriate. In such situations, users are not able to update their antivirus on windows 10 as then they think it is a compatibility issue, which is not the case at all. If you are also not able to solve the issue on the Windows 10 or you want to remove the AVG antivirus from Mac then you should get support and seek guidance from experts to troubleshoot this error.

Steps to deal with this error on windows 10:

  1. The first case that the AVG update server has been blocked by the system’s firewall which prevents it from connecting to the internet. So make sure that the firewall of the system has not blocked the application from accessing the internet.
  2. The second reason can be that your connection is not working properly or fully.
  3. To make sure that it perfectly working fine, go to the “control panel” through “start” button in Windows 10 then click on “network and internet” and then go to “network and sharing” then click on “Change adapter settings” and lastly choose the network which you use and then right-click it to disable and then enable it.
  4. It may also be possible that your internet settings are not correct, so to correct them go to “control panel” and follow the 1to3 steps and then right click on the network you use and then in the drop-down list click on “properties” and then you have to click on “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” which will be shown under “networking tab” and then click “ok”.

Connect with experts to solve issues via AVG support number.

If there is any problem which you are not able to troubleshoot or you are having a problem while following the steps then call to experts via AVG support number toll-free.

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